Karen’s summer skin routine

How our founder keeps her skin cool, calm and glowing in the warmer months.

Summer brings new stresses for the skin: higher humidity, increased oil flow, dehydration, UV rays – the list goes on. And while there’s nothing better than feeling sunkissed warmth on your skin, it’s also important to be vigilant and ensure you’re giving it the best chance to glow without consequences. Here, our founder Karen Harwood shares her own routine for the warmer months and offers some top tips that you can try at home, too. 

How does your skincare routine change from winter to summer?

As my skin is sensitive, I religiously use our 3-Step Phenomenal Skin Edit all year round. It’s my core skincare routine, and covers all bases from cleansing to applying a hydrating serum and of course, moisturising. In winter, I’ll apply even more of the NOVA Illuminating Moisturiser to prevent my skin becoming dry. On top of this, I use an SPF daily and apply it twice a day in the summer months to make sure my skin is protected from UVA and UVB rays. Maintaining a healthy skin barrier is really important and taking care of it usually helps to prevent breakouts and flare-ups.

Which sunscreen is your go-to?

My favourite SPF is by Aussie beauty brand Ultra Violette. I usually mix it up between the ‘Queen Screen Lightweight’ serum or ‘Clean Screen’. Both are equally as good and perfect for people with sensitive skin like mine. 

Does your routine change if you go on holiday?

My current Oodee skincare routine works well for me, and it’s what I’ve found to be the most effective for my sensitive skin – so I tend to avoid switching it up. While I'm on holiday, I’ll just apply even more SPF throughout the day to prevent ageing and damaging my skin barrier.

Do you switch up your diet to eat seasonally?

My diet usually consists of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole foods and lots of water to stay hydrated. I like to experiment with different recipes throughout the year – but in summer I especially love making superfood salads packed with nourishing, glow-giving ingredients, which I usually find at my local farmer’s market. I then add sprouted flax seeds and a splash of apple cider vinegar for an even greater nutritional boost. 

I’m also a big fan of slow-juicing celery – it’s an anti-inflammatory that’s rich in antioxidants and amazing for flushing out toxins while boosting hydration. If in doubt, try it!

Does your fitness regime change to adapt to warmer weather? 

Looking after my three children is part of my exercise! During the summer months, I prefer to be outside taking long walks rather than being at the gym. When winter arrives, I practice yoga and Pilates to keep my body and mind healthy.

How do you ensure that your skin and body is hydrated in the warmer months?

Drinking lots of water is a given, but if I’m sitting out in the sun, I’ll always make sure that I’m taking regular breaks in the shade. I also try to eat a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, and I particularly love watermelon due to its hydrating properties. It also contains a great amount of vitamin C, which helps maintain a healthy immune system and is wonderful for skin health.