We’re passionate about our planet. Without nature’s pharmacy and green chemistry methods, Oodee simply wouldn’t exist. We have a formula-first approach and believe in quality over quantity: why would you use several bottles to create multiple products, when you can achieve the same results (and more) with just one? Our journey is just beginning, and we hope you’ll join us in driving positive change; working towards the ultimate goal of having zero waste and becoming carbon neutral.


We proudly use a certified green manufacturer based in the UK. With the installation of solar panels, its energy footprint is Carbon Neutral. We ensure that our production processes take place in one location, from research and development to formulation, testing, packaging and shipping.

Green chemistry

We’re a formula first, science-backed brand, so naturally – we’re fascinated by green chemistry. These sustainable and eco-friendly technologies produce our Allergen Neutral™ formulas, enabling us to reduce energy and water usage, and consequently remove the need for pesticides and fertilisers. For example, gemmotherapy and plant stem cells reduce resources by harvesting and extracting nutrients and plant materials at an early stage, whilst SuperCritical CO2 extraction uses low temperatures to extract delicate ingredients that would otherwise be degraded and destroyed by conventional means. Genius? We think so.

Upcycling ingredients

It’s incredible what you can produce from waste if you use your imagination – and the impact on the environment is huge. Case in point, we use grape, apple and blackcurrant seed oils that are all waste products from the juice and wine industries. How does it work? Our supplier collaborates with juice manufacturers to collect fruit seeds before the juicing process begins; this saves the seeds from being discarded into landfill and allows us to press them, creating high quality oils with brilliant skincare benefits.

With food waste being accountable for 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions, upcycling has major potential to change this – eradicating the need for a secondary supply chain and thereby, dramatically reducing energy consumption.

Sustainable and ethical packaging

Glass is infinitely recyclable, which is why we ensure that all of our bottles are ISO certified. Our cartons are made from recycled and recyclable cardboard, and when it comes to using plastic, the trickiest material, we opt for at least 30% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic). We also use environmentally-friendly UV inks, which are 100% solvent and VOC-free. 

Ultimate transparency

We ensure that our labelling is 100% clear to help you avoid product misuse and skin inflammation caused by irritants. Not only does this have a positive impact for you and your skin – but it also reduces the usage and need for environmentally harmful steroids and petroleum creams, which are typically used to treat skin flare-ups.

How can you decide if it’s right for your skin otherwise? We know that peace of mind is everything, that’s why our formulas are cruelty-free, vegan, Allergen Neutral™ and responsibly made from non-GMO fair-trade ingredients – because feeling sustainably good about a product is just as important as how good it feels on the skin.