Minimise your Triggers

Skin sensitivity is not a single condition, but describes skin that is hypersensitive – resulting in abnormal sensory perceptions and...

Every one of us has a unique combination of allergic triggers which may lead to skin break-outs and complications. It’s not always easy to identify these, if you are exposed to just one of them it may not be enough to cause symptoms. However as we age we encounter more of these triggers and sometimes react to them.


As many as 80 percent of people with allergies to one thing are allergic to more. When these allergic triggers add up, this is when you cross your symptom threshold – the point where you begin to experience allergic symptoms such as burning, tingling or itching.


Minimizing exposure to your allergic triggers may help lessen or eliminate your symptoms. Removing potential causes from your skincare regime is one way of doing this, and Oodee has already done this for you in our unique Allergen Neutral TM formulas.


Just what are the differences between allergies, intolerances and sensitivities? Allergies are characterised by a reaction from the immune system. When your immune system encounters a normally harmless substance that it ‘remembers’ from previous exposure it will produce antibodies which then attack. You must have met the substance at least once before you have an allergic reaction, although you may not be aware of it.


If you are intolerant to a substance your body lacks the enzyme or chemical required to digest it. This affects your digestive system which in turn causes unpleasant symptoms such as bloating.


With a food sensitivity the body produces a few antibodies that are reactive to that food. Unlike a full-scale allergy, the symptoms are delayed and weaker, you may not even connect your rashes or aches to a food you have been eating.


Skin sensitivity is just one area of the reactions which can manifest together with digestive, respiratory and neurological issues (for example cramps, wheezing or headaches). Each time you lower your exposure to allergens you make the risk of a reaction smaller.


Skin sensitivity is not a single condition, but describes skin that is hypersensitive – resulting in abnormal sensory perceptions such as stinging, pain and itching, and low tolerance to beauty and personal care products. This is where Oodee can help, our trustworthy skincare products have no hidden nasties for your body to react with.


Skin sensitivity is affected by physical factors such as temperature, pollution, diet, stress, hormones (menstrual cycle) and age. With skin sensitivities affecting 37% of the world’s population, knowing that you are safe when you use Oodee products is the best peace of mind.