Is your skincare routine sustainable? 

 Here are five ways to make your beauty regime more eco-friendly.

We’re passionate about our planet, and as we all know, there is no planet B. That’s why Oodee is driving positive change to champion quality over quantity, while working towards the ultimate goal of zero waste and becoming carbon neutral. It’s a marathon, not a sprint – and a journey we hope you’ll join us on. To get started, here are some simple ways to ensure your skincare routine is less wasteful and more sustainable.

1) Finish what you already have – or donate.
With so many exciting new products out there, it’s tempting to try something new before you’ve used up your existing products. But not only can that wreak havoc on your skin, it’s incredibly wasteful. Instead, see your current skincare through until it’s finished and if it’s really not working for you, give it a circular second life by passing it onto a friend or donating to your local women’s shelter.


2) Try a skinimalist approach
We’re pro-skinimalism at Oodee, which essentially means less-is-more when it comes to buying and using beauty products. Instead of relying on endless steps in your skincare regime, this trend champions multitasking formulas that can do it all in less time, less packaging, less energy consumption, and ultimately, less spending for you. Ready to join the skinimalist movement? Try our 3-Step Phenomenal Skin Edit and let us know how you get on.



3) Reduce consumption
The main culprits here are one-and-done products like single-use makeup wipes that can’t be recycled. While they might seem convenient, they inevitably end up in landfill, which ultimately converts to pollution in the environment – an issue that ironically comes back full circle as an aggressor to your skin. We recommend using as many multi-use products as possible, like lip colours that double up as blushers, and skincare designed with efficient, multitasking formulas like our DermeRDE+ multivitamin powershot.


4) Read up on packaging
Navigating the worlds of beauty and skincare can feel overwhelming, and that’s before you consider how ethical and environmentally-friendly certain brands are. If you’re committed to making your routine more sustainable, packaging should be your first port of call – opting for plastic alternatives like glass, aluminium and bamboo. You can also get creative in how you reuse containers; for example, small jars originally designed for moisturisers are ideal for storing supplements or everyday jewellery.


5) Give your bathroom a sustainable overhaul
It’s not just your skincare that has an environmental impact, it’s the products you use in all areas of the bathroom, too. Once you’ve finished all your existing products, consider replacing them with eco-friendly cleaners and sprays, bar soaps and shampoos with zero packaging, menstrual cups for periods, plus reusable pads and face towels instead of cotton wool. Even your toilet roll can be more sustainable if you make an informed choice. Interested in finding out more about Oodee’s sustainable processes and values?

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