Skinimalism: why less means so much more

The beauty trend that’s good for your skin – and the environment.

Less is more. Back to basics. Love the skin you’re in. Summing up the minimalist skincare trend is simple, and yet its benefits are tenfold – not just for your complexion, but your bank balance, bathroom storage, and the environment, too. 

It’s the era of skinimalism, with so-called ‘skinimalists’ (Oodee HQ included) championing a more stripped-back approach to our daily beauty routines. It’s a stark contrast to the Korean skincare trend where multi-step regimes were the order of the day – and night. The question often being, which product do you apply first and when?

Skinimalism has eradicated this confusion, swapping excessive skincare for multitasking products that do it all in minimal time with minimal effort. There’s also a positive impact on our finances and the planet: using less bottles means less waste, less energy consumption and less spending. Consider it the smart, lazy girl’s answer to beauty: you can still achieve glowing skin while winning back time (and potentially money) to do more of the things you love.

By paring it back, you also avoid the risk of overwhelming and over-stimulating the skin. “Layering multiple products by multiple brands can lead to excess or incompatible ingredients on the skin,” says independent skin health expert Dr Katerina Steventon. “When you combine this with inadequate cleansing or application techniques, it can often have a negative impact in terms of sensitisation.” 

Until now, it’s likely that most of us have been overdoing it. With so many new and exciting products to try on the market, we become our own chemist, mixing formulas that potentially cancel each other out, or worse cause sensitivity and irritation, which may have been the issue we were trying to calm in the first place.  

At Oodee, we believe it all comes down to formula – that’s why we developed our DermaRDE+ multivitamin complex. Every single product starts with this supershot of goodness, which includes 22 wonder ingredients such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, pre- and probiotics, plus multiple antioxidants that feed and nourish the skin from the outside in. 

This forms the foundation for our simple, three-step Radiance routine (aka purify, perfect, illuminate), which provides everything you need for a glowing and healthy complexion with no extra thought or effort required. You can forget individual toners, exfoliators, one-ingredient serums, vitamin capsules – the list goes on, and instead rely on three efficacious and sophisticated products that deliver maximum results. They also look pretty great on your bathroom shelfie, too.

And the icing on the cake? Oodee products are uniquely Allergen Neutral™. This means we eliminate any potential skin triggers from our science-backed formulas, including 14 food and 22 fragrance allergens. Instead, you’ll find weird and wonderful, plant-based ingredients combined with our one-of-a-kind Allergen Neutral™ fragrances – designed and formulated to give you a newfound love for your skincare routine.