Turn your skincare routine into a self-care ritual

Are you taking care of yourself? These simple tips will help.

Ever felt like you’re rushing through life? You’re not alone. So many of us barely take a moment to breathe and check in with how we’re feeling, let alone enjoy the finer everyday moments that can make all the difference to our mental health – like our skincare routine.

Applying our favourite skincare products should be something we savour; think of it as a minute of self-care (or more if you can spare the time) to indulge in a luxurious sensorial journey that has the power to transform our mood for the day ahead, or set us up for a good night’s sleep. 

By actively choosing to slow down and tune into the present moment, we ground ourselves and let our senses take over – and when the products look, feel and smell as good as Oodee? Well, you’re really missing a trick if you rush the process. Try these simple skincare routine steps and let us know how you get on.

Awaken your senses

The next time you reach for your Radiance Routine Pack – slow down and take a deep breath in before applying it to your face. It’s an opportunity to awaken your senses and be mindful in your approach. Notice the colours of the packaging, the delicate or creamy texture of the formula itself; how does it feel against your fingertips? Breathe in again and inhale the rich aromas that have been so carefully designed to energise or calm your mood (ours are also completely natural and Allergen Neutralso they won’t irritate the skin). Soak up every detail – the slower you go, the more there is to discover.

Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash


Give yourself a facial massage

Facial massage often gets overlooked, but it can reduce tension, promote skin cell renewal and encourage lymphatic drainage, while also ensuring your skincare products work harder. And the best part? You can do it at home for free, whether you’re cleansing or moisturising the skin. 

The key is getting the pressure right: you can use your fingertips and knuckles while you cleanse, or try a massage tool such as a Gua Sha or jade roller with your serums and creams. By adding this simple step into your daily skincare routine, you’ll notice a shift in your mindset, discover a deeper love for your products, and calm your nervous system, too.

Practice gratitude

Next time you’re applying products in front of the mirror, pause and really look at your reflection. Smile at yourself (it sounds cheesy, but smiling releases endorphins that combat stress so even if you’re faking it, you’ll notice a lift in your mood), then say three things you’re grateful for: it can be anything, from family and friends to the formula that’s giving your skin a megawatt glow. Repeat this mini self-care ritual morning and night, and your mind, and mood, will thank you for it.