How to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier

Everything you need to know (and how Oodee can help).

A damaged moisture barrier could be the main reason your skin is playing up, and yet many of us have no idea how to strengthen or repair it – let alone understand what it actually is. We like to think of it as the skin’s bodyguard: the protective, outermost layer – also known as the acid mantle – that keeps the good stuff in (water, ceramides, fatty acids, electrolytes), and the bad stuff out (external aggressors like bacteria and environmental debris).

When the skin’s moisture barrier is healthy, the skin feels soft, plump and radiant. If it’s damaged, expect irritation and sensitivity: a clear sign that this protective barrier has lost its ability to hold onto vital substances that keep skin cells intact, which leads to TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and increased vulnerability.

If the latter sounds familiar, you’re not alone. There are so many factors in today’s world that can cause the skin’s barrier function to weaken. Take face masks: wearing these on a daily basis has caused an epidemic of ‘maskne’, thanks to the epidermis being confined and therefore obstructed from oxygenated air. Allergy season and stress are other considerations, as well as a compromised immune system if you’re recovering from COVID-19 or other illnesses. 


With so many skincare products and treatments on the market, many of us are also playing chemist at home – trying different actives and ingredients that promise to cure skin issues, but consequently lead to bad reactions due to over-usage and incompatible combinations. 

So what is the solution for a damaged skin barrier? Hydrating, soothing, moisturising skincare – and the gentler, the better. You want to avoid using harsh peels and exfoliants, plus fragranced products that might cause unnecessary irritation when your skin is already feeling sensitive. Maintaining a balanced skin pH level is also key and water temperature plays a significant role here – if it’s too hot or too cold when you’re washing your face, this is going to aggravate the skin.

In terms of ingredients, humectants such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide are crucial for skin barrier repair as they work to keep the skin hydrated (thereby counteracting water loss), while antioxidants protect against environmental aggressors and pollution. Products that include pre and probiotics will also ensure that the skin’s microbiome is healthy and balanced.

So where does Oodee fit into this? Our Allergen Neutral range is designed to achieve all of the above. Every product starts with our DermaRDE+ complex, which is formulated with 22 vital nutrients that work hard to keep the skin radiant, healthy, and glowing. We’ve also created one-of-a-kind Allergen Neutral fragrances, so you can enjoy the beauty of scent every time you use our skincare, minus the risk of irritation. Essentially, if you want to strengthen, repair or simply maintain your skin’s moisture barrier, then Oodee is an excellent place to start.