Our founder’s wellness routine

Oodee founder and mum of twins, Karen Harwood shares her non-negotiables for staying calm, healthy and in balance each day....

The first thing I do when I wake up is my daily skincare routine. I wash my face with Oodee’s HALO Purifying Foam Cleanser and apply the AURORA Perfecting Serum. I let it sink in and work its magic while I frantically get dressed, before reaching for my NOVA Illuminating moisturiser and SPF. Afterwards, I like to do my hair and put on some makeup – it makes me feel ready for the day. 

I’m obsessed with drinking lots of water. I start my day by having a large glass with lemon, apple cider vinegar and manuka honey, while getting my four year-old twins up and ready before rushing out the door to do the school drop-off. 

I love having an oat flat white every morning. And if I’m going to the gym, I’ll also have a protein smoothie one hour beforehand, which is made up of vegan protein powder, oat milk, berries, banana, chia seeds, plus milled and sprouted flax seeds. 

I exercise twice a week and mix it up between an outdoor training session in the fresh air at Spencer Park and reformer Pilates at my local studio. 

Oodee Founder Karen Harwood

Supplements are key to general health and wellbeing so I always take multivitamins, Vitamin D and C, fish oils, and occasionally turmeric. Probiotics and gut health are also super important to me so I take a course of probiotics twice annually as well.

I never snooze my alarm on weekdays as every minute counts in the mornings with the kids, but on weekends I’m definitely partial to a lie-in. I also have a bath religiously every night with candles and Epsom salts, it’s the only place I can properly relax.

I’m a firm believer in holistic treatments and subscribe to bi-weekly chiro appointments. It helps me find balance as well as coping with stress and creating body alignment. I also have monthly facials and massages for lymphatic drainage. 

Staying in touch with friends is also really important to me. We chat regularly on the phone and when work and twins allow, we go for walks around the local common for a download. 

Running Oodee and being a mum means that I am always ‘on’, so I create calm by being organised. It’s imperative to me to be as well planned as possible when I am juggling 4 year old twins and running a business. The key is having a routine and being very strict about following it, which I've done ever since the twins were born.