Why you should read the small print on non-dairy milk - it’s all about skin.

You’ve taken dairy out of your diet, but are you aware that milk alternatives can also have a harmful effect...

Comparison of different milks - inflammation and how it can affect your skin.

Alt-milks tend to be highly processed and may contain additives which could also affect a sensitive digestion. Professor Tim Spector, author and researcher on the microbiome, says, “plant-based so called milks on the rise: A quarter of Britons are drinking them - but causing a dilemma as most are highly processed and worse for health.”


The health of your gut microbiome (the large community of microbes that live in our gut, skin and body) depends on what you consume which in turn influences your skin, known as the gut-brain-skin-axis. Eliminating flare-ups may require careful scrutiny of each dairy alternative’s product label. Nutritionist and skin expert Erica Rodrigues states ‘the gut microbiome appears to play a key role in the development of many inflammatory disorders of the skin.” 


Soy milk, the oldest and most widely-known of alt-milks, is linked to hormone imbalance and can be extremely tough on the digestive system. It is well documented as one of the 14 most common food allergens, making it a no-go choice for some, but soy also contains the chemical compound goitrogens, a known thyroid suppressor. Thyroid dysfunction has multiple classical manifestations at skin level, according to Antonini et al in their paper ‘An intimate relationship between Thyroid Hormone and Skin’. Even if you were not allergic to soy a knock-on effect via the thyroid could be affecting your skin.


A comparative newcomer to the variety of non-dairy milks available is pea milk, made from yellow split peas and brimming (around 7g per cup) with protein. Pea milk requires fat additives to mimic the texture of dairy, and this may be why it can contribute towards a leaky gut, which in turn can lead to skin issues.


While using non-dairy milks as part of your diet will remove obvious dairy triggers, people with sensitive skin  should maintain awareness of lesser known additives in alt-milks. As consumer choices grow, the need to check the small print on the packet of your nut, oat, potato, hemp and spelt milk is unlikely to lessen for people with skin issues.


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